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March 31, 2014

USA Drug Policy Focus

USA Drug Policy Focus The chief advisor on drug policy in the Obama administration visited Australia late in 2012 and disclosed the United States drug policy focus of prevention and recovery. In addressing the political, government and community leaders, Director Kerlikowske highlighted- Opposing legalization of… Read More »USA Drug Policy Focus

Synthetic Drugs Ban

Synthetic Drugs Ban Synthetic drugs that mimic illicit drugs like cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines and ICE will be targeted in a crackdown in New South Wales. This follows a parliamentary committee report recently released in New South Wales. These products are dangerous and are known to… Read More »Synthetic Drugs Ban

Organised Crime And Drugs

Organised Crime And Drugs The Australian Crime Commission report “Organised Crime in Australia” 2011 clearly links organized crime and illicit drugs. In its latest report the Crime Commission clearly links the same organized criminals with both trafficking performance enhancing drugs in sport and also illicit… Read More »Organised Crime And Drugs

Ice Is In Demand

Ice Is In Demand The illicit drug ICE (methamphetamine) continues to be a problem for Australia. Of alleged criminals held in custody in Australia 21 per cent tested positive for ICE. Foreign traffickers are seeking to take advantage of the potential for profits from the… Read More »Ice Is In Demand

Ecstasy Use Is High

Ecstasy Use Is High Australia has one of the highest levels of ecstasy abuse in Oceania. The market for ecstasy in Australia is still attractive. Organised criminal syndicates in Sydney were detected importing ecstasy ingredients from China which would have produced 2.3 million ecstasy tablets.… Read More »Ecstasy Use Is High

Drug Demand Must Reduce

Drug Demand Must Reduce The most senior police commander in Britain has told a group of parliamentarians that action is necessary to reduce demand for the use of illicit drugs. Anyone caught with drugs in their system should be offered help to stop, the Metropolitan… Read More »Drug Demand Must Reduce

Drug Demand Is 7 Billion

Drug Demand Is 7 Billion A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that demand for illicit drugs in Australia in 2010 was 7 billion dollars. The vast majority of illicit drug money is going directly to criminals that manufacture and distribute the illicit… Read More »Drug Demand Is 7 Billion