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So glad you've made it to this point.

DACA has put together some resources and facts about drugs that may assist you to break the habit.

We are a group dedicated to assisting the public to find up-to-date, objective, well-researched information, that you can trust.

Are your struggling? Do you need some answers? Adults It's never to late to get help.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re out in the world, you’ve left home, and you are trying to establish yourself with new friends.

The road up until now is easily travelled, new location, new job, new relationships to be made and they all have one thing in common, pressure.  Pressure that builds up, but there is also what you believe is an outlet.

Whether you started by smoking cannabis with friends, or you went clubbing to socialise and find some relief from life and tried a ‘party’ drug when offered. These can all be contributing factors to the position you now find yourself in.

Both confused and depressed you may have had enough, and just want out. But it seems too hard. There is support. Support for you. There is counselling, there is someone who will listen and guide you through, help you to develop the strategies you need to get your life back.

Maybe this is you?

Did you find yourself being introduced at a young age to fit in?  Perhaps you took your first hit of a drug and thought, “This isn’t so bad”.  Years later you have moved on to harder drugs and that has become a habit. You hide the need for that drug of choice, you try to hold your life together, all the time not allowing people around you to see your drug life. It’s exhausting.

Then things get better, you find a way out, maybe it’s because you have new responsibilities like a family to take care of. But the drugs are still there, you never truly get out. You have to stay alert, it’s your inner self telling you, “YOU NEED THIS, JUST ONE MORE TIME”.

It’s not easy to stay off, actually.  Pressure builds up and you fall into the trap.  In doing so you spend years watching your life go in a direction you NEVER wanted, but you are ADDICTED.

The time is now, YOU CAN BREAK FREE. It takes small steps, and slowly you can establish new habits, find other areas of focus, and again reach out, ask for help.

DACA is here to give you the confidence to move forward. You can get help by contacting one of the helplines and services on offer.

Remember this, no matter what your story is, what has brought you to the life you have now, we believe in you, put simply, we care. You can survive this. Reach out ask for help.

Strategies for you

You are amazing, you have made the first step now keep going. Even if you slip back, another day brings another go at staying on track

Adults Never give up. Never, ever give up.

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