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Australian Crime Commision Report on Heroin

Australian Crime Commision Report on Heroin

A continuing decline in opium production in South East Asia creates the potential for traffickers to look to Afghanistan as a potential source of heroin in the future.

The total weight of heroin seized at the border increased nearly threefold but this is much lower than figures seized just two years ago.

The street and wholesale price of heroin remained stable with easy availability except in Tasmania and Northern Territory.

Heroin purity continued to fluctuate within states and territories with Queensland reporting an increasing level of purity.

West African and Asian organized criminal networks were the main traffickers using couriers from many ethnic backgrounds.

(Source: Illicit Drug Data Report 2004-05, Australian Crime Commission April, 2006)


The recent heroin drought may be over with increasing seizures in Australia.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is warning that opium production is now increasing in Afghanistan through the influence of the Taliban and this additional heroin may make its way to Australia.

Demand for heroin and the number of heroin users makes Australia a target for heroin supply in the future.

Australia must reduce the demand for heroin by diverting users into detoxification and rehabilitation to get them drug free.

Countries that have successfully reduced the number of illicit drug users have cut off money flowing to criminal and terrorist groups by using their courts to direct users into detoxification and rehabilitation.