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DACA Webinars

Cannabis: The Legislation Disaster

Pamela McColl from Vancouver, Canada.

Pamela McColl has worked on the marijuana file for over a decade, primarily in Canada, where she was heavily involved in the challenge to Bill C45 – The Cannabis Act before the Canadian Parliament in 2018. She is the author of The Pied Pipers of Pot – Protecting Youth from the Marijuana Industry. McColl in her challenge to the legalization of marijuana focuses on the evidence provided by science that establishes harm, and advocates for vastly improved education to counter the reckless messaging by the industry who have vested interests in legalizing this product.

Oral & Dental Issues Accompanying Illicit Drug Use

Dr Warren Shnider from the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.

Registered Specialist in Special Needs Dentistry. Head of Special Needs Dentistry Unit at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. Academic Lead in Special Needs Dentistry at Latrobe University. Private Specialist Practice in Hawthorn. Registrar at The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and President at The Australian Dental Association, Victorian Branch.