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Medical Marijuana Can Have Serious Unintended Effects

A New Study on Medical Marijuana by Researchers from the University of California–Davis Reveals That Mold, Bacterial and other Toxic Contaminants Were Discovered in Samples from 20 out of 20 Licensed Dispensaries in Northern California.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have discovered that medical marijuana from 20 dispensaries contain multiple fungal and bacterial contaminants that are highly toxic and can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections among cannabis users. The researchers have warned users that smoking, vaping or inhaling aerosolized marijuana is a real health risk, especially for those with chronic conditions such as lymphoma, AIDS or other conditions requiring immunosuppressing therapies. The findings will be published in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection, titled, “A microbiome assessment of medical marijuana.”

Medical Marijuana for Symptom Control and Its Issues

Legalization without proper scientific scrutiny has led to increasing acceptance in many states. A recent Gallup study showed that a majority of Americans now believe that marijuana is generally safe. Of course, when it is obtained legally and supposedly monitored by state health departments for safety, users assume marijuana dispensaries have met certain regulatory standards to protect consumer safety. But this is not true because the purity, quality and safety is not federally regulated.

Moreover, the idea that vaping is safe drug delivery method is a chimera. Inhaling marijuana in any form provides a pathway deep into the lungs where infections are most dangerous and can spread quickly through the blood. The pathogens found in study samples are all dangerous and could lead to serious illness and death.

Why Does This Matter?

The public has been told that marijuana that is legally attained from a licensed dispensary consists of pure, natural, cannabis which can be safely inhaled as a mist to deliver its supposed medicinal benefits. Moreover, the public believes that temperatures reached by smoking marijuana are high enough to kill any fungi or bacteria. This, of course, is untrue and not substantiated by any research. Medical, and now recreational, use of marijuana has been foisted on the public via the ballot box without any scientific due diligence regarding its safety or efficacy.  We are now beginning to pay the piper for this ignorant miscalculation.

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