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Ecstasy More Popular than Ever

Ecstasy More Popular than Ever

Ecstasy use in Australia is at record levels according to a new survey.

Three per cent of all Australians have used ecstasy recently.

One in every eight people uses ecstasy amongst 20 to 24 year olds.

More than one in three Australians or 38 per cent have ever used cannabis, speed or ecstasy at some stage in their life.

Australians used more cannabis, speed and ecstasy than people in Britain, USA or New Zealand.

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald 29 July 2005 reporting on the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare report)


Cannabis, speed and ecstasy usage all have significant health risks.

Ecstasy use has caused death with brain damage, depression, memory loss, psychological problems and increased risk of developing a disease similar to Parkinsons disease.

Speed use produces paranoid psychosis, violence, suicide and death.

Cannabis, which is much stronger now, produces psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, cancer, foetal abnormalities and immune system damage.

The very high cannabis, speed and ecstasy use by people in their twenties poses increased stress on mental health facilities and more risks for health workers and police as they deal with the violence and mental problems from the use.

Australia can successfully reduced illicit drug use and therefore the health risks by copying illicit drug policies from overseas where detoxification and rehabilitation are provided to get users drug free.