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Our Home Base and support network (Touchstone) for the grieving and aggrieved families of Australian drug users and the drug affected.

The parent body of Touchstone, the Drug Advisory Council of Australia Inc., (DACA) stands firmly against the widespread push for the decriminalization and even legalization of illicit drugs.

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Touchstone through DACA is also focused on highlighting the insidious effects of ‘Harm Minimisation’ policies that have percolated through all levels of government and the bureaucracy. Unfortunately, this doctrine has gained traction, with firm beliefs being held by too many policy developers, drafters of legislation and policy implementers, to the wholesale detriment of our nation.

DACA, throughout its history has focused on the elimination of drug misuse in the community and has also recognised the following key factors that are endemic in drug abuse and highly relevant to those who affiliate with, Touchstone and with DACA –


As an entity Touchtone will reach out across the community to identify and involve from a personal experience perspective, and if the potential exists, to contribute to strategic and tactical policy, individuals who have been impacted by the use of drugs.

As a foundational basis, individuals who have been adversely impacted by drugs will include, but not be limited to, the individual, families at every level of the nuclear family structure and broader individuals outside of familial groupings, such as victims of crime.

Touchstone’s strategic intent is to have such individuals have an immediate sense of belonging by becoming Members of DACA. With a cohort of Members through the work of Touchstone, there will be an enhanced pool of human resources to, in turn percolate the DACA doctrines in the community and contribute directly to debate.

Skills would arise that directly aid the objectives and assist in this asymmetric quest to push back against the mindsets that are causing immeasurable harms to our society. We need to recognise that DACA is a body conducted entirely by volunteers and the augmentation of skills will play an important part in future achievements in this space.    

Members of Touchstone will remain respectful of the reputation, doctrine and objectives of DACA and appreciate what if anything is to be expressed on behalf of Touchstone in the public domain requires the prior approval by DACA.

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Family Counselling Services

Helen Hadley – Relationship/Family Therapist. Helen has worked extensively as a counsellor since 2008.


Dip in Holistic Living Counselling – 2008

Post Graduate Training in Applied Systems Theory and Family Therapy – 2016

Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation – 2014

Sun-do trained 2000 – Eastern techniques, combining meridian stretches and breathing for mental clarity and emotional balance