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Teens Support

“You, yes you too, can say no to drugs”

You’ve taken the first step by being here!

Have you ever thought about taking drugs?


D Drugs

A Always

N Negatively

T Touch

E Everyone

I’m here to show you some tools to help you navigate through this part of your life…

The River of Resilience

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Ellen 16

Hey, do you know what being resilient means?

Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from illness, change or misfortune, buoyancy. You can be resilient too.  

Guideposts for your life, your future

Are you depressed, lonely or want to fit in at school?

If the answer is yes then DRUGS are not the solution!

Dante reminds us that it is better to:

Did you know the 25% of teens that start smoking weed will move onto harder drugs?
Weed also enhances the feelings of loneliness and depression.

“Did you know”?

Marijuana will lead you and your family down the pit of hell and if you are lucky enough to get out the other side in one piece, you and your family’s whole life will be shattered, and it will take a long time to put back together”. Tracy, mother of Wes.

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Caleb 13

It’s ok to open up to parents, friends or teachers because many of them could probably relate to you, what they really want to say is, “I slayed my demons, now I am on a mission to help you slay yours”.

Check out our Support Pages for Rehabilitation and Detox Information

Tips to help you cope from those on a similar journey

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Jacob 16

Is a adult in your life using drugs?
Have you got someone to turn to for help?
Find someone you trust to talk to.

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