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DACA Members

The Voice of DACA

Our DACA Members are our core. It is because of them that we can continue to be an influential voice against those who push illicit drugs.

Our DACA Members meet to review scientific research, media activity, legislation, political activity, information, public opinion, local and overseas policy.

What you have access to

What makes us different


DACA has a history of providing a network for professionals and on-the-ground workers assisting illicit drug users.

Support Driven

DACA would not be able to perform its essential work without the support and commitment of our Members

Community Members

DACA is always looking to recruit Members who have a contribution to make by drawing on their professional backgrounds and/or life experiences.

“Ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is”.
Winston Churchill

Heres how to join...

Select your membership status from the 5 choices below. Funds will be annually charged to your account to form your subscription for the coming year.

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Your membership will be automatically deducted annually (12 months) from your payment account.

Your membership may be cancelled at any time, but no funds will be available unless your request is made 7 (seven) days from the renewal date.